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UHMWPE Pulley Guide Wheel


Advantages of UHMWPE Pulley Guide Wheel:

1. Not easy to wear

With an incredible high molecular weight and high wear resistance, UHMW has proved its true value not only in sliding on metal faces, but also in normal wear-resistant materials, powders and other fields. .

2. Excellent sliding ability

UHMW has an extremely low coefficient of friction. It is comparable to PTFE, which also glides well.

3. Not easy to break

UHMW has impact resistance not found in other materials. Not easy to break.

4. No stickiness

Highly non-sticky. UHMW is non-stick, second only to PTFE, making it the most suitable material for container liners such as hoppers, silos and chutes.

5. Non-toxic and safe

Substance-free and non-toxic. UHMW is ideal for use with food and can also be used in the medical field.

6. Difficult to penetrate

Features excellent chemical resistance.

7. Does not absorb water. The absorption rate of UHMW is almost zero, so its strength is not deteriorated by swelling caused by water absorption.

Application of UHMWPE Pulley Guide Wheel:

Star gears, guide parts, screws, bushings, rollers, washers, gears, sliding plates, liners, etc.





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