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UHMWPE Rod Self-lubricating UPE Rod Polymer Rod HDPE Bars


Advantages of UHMWPE Rod Self-lubricating UPE Rod Polymer Rod HDPE Bars :

The properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ensure that this plastic material is light, impact-resistant, extremely tough, chemical-resistant, and has excellent wear resistance.

Meets ASTM D4020 Specifications

Standard tolerance

Application of UHMWPE Rod Self-lubricating UPE Rod Polymer Rod HDPE Bars

transport machinery:

Guide rail, conveyor belt, slider seat of conveyor device, fixed plate, timing star wheel of assembly line

Food Machinery:

Star wheel, bottle feed counting screw, filler bearing, bottle grabber parts, gasket guide pin, cylinder, gear, roller, sprocket handle

paper machinery:

Suction box cover, deflector, scraper, bearing, vane, filter, oil reservoir, wear strip, felt cleaner

Textile machinery:

Open frame, shock absorber baffle, connector, crankshaft connecting rod, shuttle rod, pattern sweeping needle, offset rod bearing, swinging rear beam

construction machinery agricultural machinery:

The bulldozer pushes the material into the material, the inner material of the dump truck, the inner lining of the tractor pear knife

chemical machinery:

Valve body, pump body, gasket, filter, gear, nut, sealing ring, nozzle, cock, bushing, bellows

Port Machinery Ship Machinery:

Ship parts, side rollers for bridge cranes, wear-resistant blocks and other spare parts

General machinery:

Various gears, bearing bushes, bushings, sliding plates, clutches, guide bodies, brakes, hinges, elastic couplings, rollers, rollers, fasteners, sliding parts of lifting platforms

Stain modification:

Dyeing machine bearings, scrapers, sliding plates, gaskets, seals, tenter guides


Snow dipping liners, power sleds, ice rink decking, ice rink protection racks

medical supplies:

Rectangular outer material parts, artificial joints, prostheses, etc.


Refrigeration machinery, shielding plates for nuclear power plants, electroplating parts, ultra-low temperature machinery parts





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