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UHMWPE Suction Box Panel Dewatering Elements


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene vacuum box panel high molecular polyethylene water absorption box panel papermaking machinery water absorption panel vacuum dehydration box panel upe wiper board Xinyoulite manufacturer

Vacuum box panels are also called suction box panels in some places. They are mainly used in common mechanical components, food packaging and conveying machinery, mechanical accessories under cold conditions, pharmaceutical, chemical, and textile industries. What are its characteristics, please see the following introduction:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, small specific gravity, and good resistance to high energy radiation.

2. The wear resistance ranks first in plastics, 4 times higher than nylon 66 and PTFE, and 6 times higher than carbon steel;

3. The impact strength ranks first among plastics, which is 2 times that of PC and 5 times that of ABS, and can maintain high toughness at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 ℃);

4. The self-lubricating property is equivalent to that of PTFE, and the friction coefficient is only 0.07-0.11;

5. The shock energy absorption value is extremely high among all plastics, and the noise reduction effect is very good;

6. It has high chemical stability and can withstand the effects of various corrosive media and organic media within a fixed temperature and concentration range;

7. Strong anti-adhesion ability, second only to PTFE;

8. Completely hygienic and non-toxic, can be used for contact with food and;

Main products or services: high-density polyethylene board, ultra-high polymer polyethylene board, boron-containing polyethylene board, outrigger pad, ground protection mats, polymer polyethylene wear-resistant lining, polymer coal bunker lining, Fender veneer, UHMW-PE board, wharf anti-shock board, coal bunker lining board, PE endurance board  and various high molecular polyethylene processing special-shaped parts .





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