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UHMWPE crane outrigger pads feedback from USA client

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Product introduction: The crane outrigger pad is mainly used to support the partial pressure and anti-skid function under the outrigger to ensure the construction safety of the working vehicle.


Product material: UHMWPE material.


Product performance: 1. The weight is easy to carry 2. Compression and bending without breaking 3. Corrosion and corrosion resistance 4. Anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet rays


Standard sizes:


400*400* (30-100mm); 500*500* (30-100mm); 550*550* (30-100mm); 600*600* (30-100mm); 800*800* (30-100mm); 1000*1000* (30-100mm)


The color and anti-slip pattern of the crane leg pads can be customized by the company's LOGO. Large quantities are preferred, please contact us for consultation.





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