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When installing the silo liner, in the case of large changes in operating or ambient temperature, the fixed form of the liner must consider its free expansion or contraction. Any fixing method should be designed to facilitate the flow of bulk materials, and the screw head is always embedded in the liner. For thicker liners, the seam should be cut at 45 degrees. In this way, variations in length are allowed, and a smooth plastic plane is formed in the silo, which is conducive to the flow of materials.

Coal bunker lining installation:

  1. Before installation, the installation process should be worked out according to the actual situation of the silo, and it should be followed during installation.

  2.   The article on coal bunker lining board comes from: The installation needs to be different according to the local weather, the shape and size of the silo.

  3. If the coal bunker lining board article comes from: It is connected with the cement material, the condition of the bunker should be checked. The coal bunker lining board article comes from: The protruding or concave parts should be treated as smooth as possible to prevent the coal bunker lining board Installation is not tight.

  4. If the lining plate of the coal bunker is connected to the steel plate, it is necessary to drill a diameter hole on the lining plate of the coal bunker, use a special arc-shaped gasket to directly weld it with the steel plate, and then drill the diameter hole on the lining plate, use the arc-shaped gasket and nut Link or countersunk screw connections.

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