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Non-slip ground protection mats are often used to provide temporary access and grounding protection to prevent site conditions from affecting construction and to increase stability and traction. Common uses: Temporary pavement, protect the original ecological environment from being destroyed and temporary buildings, etc.

Non-slip ground protection mats Product Features:

1.Diamond anti-slip design for optimal grip

2.Machined from compound polyethylene and designed for each application of non-slip paving pads

3.Eco-friendly products can help reduce damage to ecological areas and reduce or eliminate potential restoration costs

4.This material is insulating material and can be used for conveying projects

5.Lightweight design reduces shipping and handling costs of large equipment

6.Easy installation of non-slip paving pads

7.Chemical resistance and toughness

Application areas of ground protection mats:

●Construction site Civil engineering and foundation work

●Pedestrian bridge

●Emergency channel

●Temporary roads and parking lots

●Maintenance of public spaces and infrastructure

● Landscaping and conservation of heritage or ecological reserves

●Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields

●Sports and leisure activities

●Drilling engineering

●Oil drilling industry





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