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Yesterday we had an office meeting

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Yesterday, we had an office meeting. The content of the meeting is as follows:

1. Summarize the shortcomings and advantages of the work in the past period of time, and propose corresponding improvement plans. (mainly including product problems, price problems, some problems encountered in the production and sales process, etc.)

2. Discuss the recent suggestions from customers and make appropriate adjustments to production.

3. Brainstorm and talk about the company's future plans and development.

In line with better service to customers, we are committed to allowing customers to buy the best quality products at the best price, and we have been working hard.

Our company mainly produces: crane outrigger plate, wharf port fender pads, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, high-density polyethylene plate, polypropylene plate, UHMW polyethylene liner and other products.

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