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Dock Bumper Pads Size:

450x250x50mm     450x250x100mm (yellow plastic 50mm + rubber 50mm)

1000x150x50mm   300x300x100mm

Any size, any color, any design, with holes, without holes are available with us.

PE Dock Bumper Pads Advantages:

This type dock bumpers will not warp, rust, rot or harden.

High environmental protection

The production and processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets belong to the low-carbon environmental protection industry. The carbon dioxide emission in the production process is low, only 15% of the carbon dioxide emission in the production of steel products. There is no waste water, waste gas, and waste residue emissions; the production process saves 20% of energy compared with traditional steel products.

High toughness

UHMWPE sheet has good toughness and elongation ≥ 350%. When the application environment settles, the pipes and joints are not easy to crack, so as to ensure the normal transportation of the medium to the greatest extent.





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