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Hard Plastic Polypropylene PP Cutting Board For Clicker Press


Hard Plastic Polypropylene PP Cutting Board For Clicker Press:

1. Wide range of applications

2. High hardness, can be used on both sides

It is made of polymer composite materials, and can withstand repeated pressure continuously by using its wear resistance, impact resistance and high toughness, and each side can be used for more than 20 days on average.

3. The quality of the pieces is good, and the customers are satisfied

Due to the hard and balanced texture of the cutting board, the pressure of the cutting knife can be evenly distributed on every point of the cutting piece, which can solve the problem of burrs and make every piece of cutting piece produced flawless.

4. Reusable and recyclable

After the surface of the cutting board is worn, the damaged surface can be planed by a planer and can be reused for many times, which saves costs for customers, is economical and environmentally friendly, and can also be recycled.

5. Extend the life of cutting machine and cutting knife

Because the cutting pressure is even, it can prolong the service life of the cutting machine, protect the cutting knife so that it is not easy to be damaged, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs for customers.

6. Complete specifications and rich colors

Standing stock of various specifications, special specifications can be customized on demand, rich colors, with red, white, green and so on.





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